New Game Magic Cookies 2 Released for iOS and Android

We are really happy to announce Magic Cookies 2, our latest game for Android and iOS. You can download the game here.

Magic Cookies 2 is the sequel to the classic Magic Cookies. We hope MC2 is a lot of fun. The levels in MC2 are a bit easier than the traditional Magic Cookies, but now feature animations, a beautiful design, in-game help, and more kinds of interactive elements.

Magic Cookies 2 is our third self-published Haskell game. Our previous game Magic Cookies enjoys a 4.7-star rating on Google Play and a 5-star rating on iTunes, and Enpuzzled Enpuzzled is rated 4.3 stars on Android. All our games are suitable for all audiences, require no permissions, and sell no in-game assets, as part of our initiative safe2play.

With that, Magic Cookies 2 concludes an over 1.5-year effort in developing the next stage of mobile Haskell that will bring not only another Haskell game, but also a new form of rapid game development unparalleled by other languages. We are really excited about the possibilities that this opens for all, and we will be sharing more exciting news on this very soon. This new game has allowed us to simplify our toolchains Andronaut and Curiosity, to the point that they can now process information from game development documents and assets delivered by artists and generate code automatically.

We are currently working on four more games. For updates, check our page regularly and follows us on Twitter and Facebook, where we will publish announcements.

Every step we take is new, adventurous, and very, very hard. We have taken that risk and walked in the unknown for the last 8 years, but we depend on your support, on you downloading our iOS and Android games and sharing them with everyone you know, to keep traveling this exciting road that will bring functional programming to all.

Thank you for your help, your patience, and continued support in this long journey.

Have fun, and Happy Haskelling!