Game Enpuzzled Released for Android and iOS

After two years of work, thousands of commits, and over 100 releases on iTunes and Android, we are very proud to release Enpuzzled, our latest game for Android and iOS. You can download the game here.

We wanted to give you a brain teaser that you could quietly enjoy, so there is no timer and no rush: it’s just you against the board. In Enpuzzled, you have to sort blocks on a board by moving them around, by using joker blocks that may fit in several spots, by avoiding obstacles, and by jumping over the board’s edge. The game contains 50 levels with different sizes, and the only challenge is the board itself.

When you are ready, you can get it here for iOS and Android.

Enpuzzled is our second self-published Haskell game. You can find our previous game Magic Cookies here, which enjoys a 4.7-star rating on Google Play and a 5-star rating on iTunes.

We would like to thank everyone who has made both games possible, including every beta-tester who patiently tried the dozens of updates we circulated and gave feedback on them. Both games have been created using the Fawn library, the FRP implementation Yampa, and compiled for iOS and Android using the latest version of Curiosity and Andronaut (0.9 as we are writing this). The release of Enpuzzled came with a number of changes to our game engines, libraries, our tools (including Andronaut and Curiosity), and to other games built with the same core. In total, we have had several thousand commits and many hundreds of issues to work on, and over 100 releases on iTunes and Google Play before the final launch.

With that, Enpuzzled concludes an over two-year effort in developing the next stage of mobile Haskell that will bring not only another Haskell game, but also a new form of rapid game development unparalleled by other languages. We are really excited about the possibilities that this opens for all, and we will be sharing more exciting news on this very soon.

We are currently working on Enpuzzled 2, Magic Cookies 2, and a new game whose internal code name is Escape. Enpuzzled 2 is feature-complete and Magic Cookies 2 is in the latest stages of development, so we expect to start beta-testing both in the upcoming weeks. To sign up for beta testing and help shape the future of game programming in Haskell, check our page regularly and follows us on Twitter and Facebook, where we will publish our announcement.

The future of Haskell in game programming is exhilarating, and every step is new and adventurous, but also very hard. We have taken that risk and walked in the unknown for the last 7 years, but we depend on your support, on you downloading our iOS and Android games and sharing them with everyone you know, to keep traveling this exciting road that will bring functional programming to all.

Thank you for your help, your patience, and continued support in this long journey.

Have fun, and Happy Haskelling!