Shake your lambdas with Haskell and Kinect

A new version of the game Haskanoid, with Kinect support, has just been made available.

Declarative Game Programming — slides, videos and code

Earlier this month, Henrik Nilsson & Ivan Perez presented a tutorial at PPDP 14 on Declarative Game Programming.

The goal was to show how real game programming is possible in a purely functional, declarative way. One way of doing …

A new version of Yampa is out (0.9.6)

Yampa is an impressive, arrowized, Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) implementation written in Haskell. We are using it to implement Android games at Keera Studios, and it has been used, among others, to implement the video game Frag (see video …

The most inspiring green screen you will ever see

While Haskell, Idris and other Functional Programming (FP) languages enable writing elegant code, the road to production is, well, bumpy. Writing code for industrial environments has added costs that make certain products too expensive and infeasible in practice. That is …

Interacting with your Haskell Games using the Wiimote

Quite recently we have been focusing our attention on using new input devices in Haskell games. Wiimotes have many sensors, they are very cheap, and people have been hacking them for a long time.