In our daily work, we use Ubuntu, GHC, many Haskell libraries and thousands of libraries and programs created by hundreds of programmers. This is our way of saying thank you. This is our way of paying that back. In this corner, we post all the lessons learned, the modifications that we needed to make to those programs, and manuals that one day might help others build something great too. If they are useful to you, drop us a line or leave a comment. It’ll be immensely appreciated.



Summary of the Community material published by Keera Studios:


A little thank you note

All the code we have is either our own code or was taken from some Open Source library. All the pictures, icons and artwork we use are either our own creation or we took them from some website that published it with a CC or Public domain licence. We sincerely thank those authors. In particular, we would like publicly thank:

  • The creators and maintainers of GHC.
  • The creators and maintainers of the GTK Haskell binding, all GTK related packages (glade, pango, cairo,…) and it’s documentation. Same goes for the authors and maintainers of the following Haskell libraries: OpenGL, HsOpenSSL, OpenCV, cv-combinators, network, HTTP and SDL.
  • The creators and maintaners of all the Windows ports of Gtk, OpenGL, SDL, SSL and OpenCV.
  • The users of those packages’ mailing lists and forums. Most of the questions we had during the process were answered somewhere already, because somebody took the time to ask publicly and somebody took the time to answer it thoroughly. We thank both.

These authors do not endorse our company, our products, or anything related to Keera Studios. If your name or work is on the list and you don’t want it there, drop us a line and we’ll remove it. If you created something we have used and we are not crediting you properly, we are deeply sorry. Just drop us a line and we’ll be right on it. Same if you are on the list but you want us to link back to your website.

The following people have contributed or continue to contribute to our work regularly (the above note applies to them as well):

  • Ruben Dominguez: reviews, beta-testing, comments and suggestions, a game script and a huge pile of drawings for what will be our first game. He happens to be a musician and plays in: Moon Cresta and Broken Peach.
  • Alfonso García: reviews, beta-testing and general comments and suggestions.

Want to get your name here? We regularly contact users to beta-test our programs before we release them! Contact us (preferably on Facebook) and we’ll contact you when we are about to deploy a new version.