Who we are

Keera Studios is a life adventure. It’s not just about business. It’s about doing something different, creative and fun. It’s about creating useful, visually attractive software and being rigorous about its reliability at the same time. It’s about using cool and advanced programming languages, libraries and techniques. It’s also about community, about giving back. But who’s behind Keera Studios?

Ivan Perez

Ivan Perez is a Haskell programmer and a researcher. For the past year he’s been putting most of his time to creating a multi-platform Game Creation IDE for people with no programming knowledge or background. The whole IDE is written in Haskell and uses Gtk+Cairo. As part of this project, he had to develop a Multi-Platform Game Engine for Graphic Adventures (also in Haskell), and ported that engine to HaXe so that the IDE generates games for Adobe Shockwave Flash. This IDE will be released in a few weeks from now.

During this year, he’s also developed other nice applications in Haskell: a PDF renamer that reads the PDF contents to choose a better name for the file (uses Gtk, and is currently being used by a company); a program to send SMSs using DiamondCard’s web API; a program that suggests default wifi passwords based on their macs and bssid’s; and of course, Keera Posture.

In the past, he worked for IMDEA Software and for the Babel Group at Technical University of Madrid, among others. There he worked mostly as a researcher and a developer, and became proficient in Ontologies, Description Logics, Languages and Parsers, Java, Haskell, Prolog, and a long, long et cetera. He’s got a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Computational Logics.

Here he’s linkedin profile http://linkedin.com/in/ivanperezdominguez, and he’s a Haskeller.


Ruben Dominguez

Although he currently does not devote most of his time to this project, there was a time. A talented, creative designed, painter and musician, he wrote the script of what will be our first game created with Keera Gale Studio, and drew all the pictures that we have so far. Present compromises are keeping him away from Keera Studios, but he’s done enough for this project to be credited here as a past (and possibly future) member of Keera Studios.

As a musician, he plays the drums in Moon Cresta and Broken Peach.